REVIEW of the work Specific Tutelage of Obligations by Professor Teresa Arruda Alvim Wambier

REVIEW - RePro - 150 . ANO 32 . AUGUST. 2007

GAIO JUNIOR, Antônio Pereira.
Specific Tutelage of Making Bonds.
3. ed. São Paulo: Forense, 2007.

Teresa Arruda Alvim Wambier
Master, PhD and lecturer in Law from PUC-SP. Professor in undergraduate courses, specialization, master's and doctorate at PUC-SP.
Board member of the IBDP. Lawyer.

Recently published, this monograph, double prefaced by Leonardo Greco and Araken de Assis, is a work that deserves special mention.

The author focuses on the central theme of their stylish work, under the optics of the material law and procedural law. Analyzes the requirements - civil, commercial and consumption. Its essential elements, the delay and default. It also covers the preliminary contracts.

Extremely accurate in definition, based on national and foreign doctrine of excellent quality. Discusses the issues under the theoretical focus under the practical perspective. As emphasized Araken de Assis in his preface, the author managed to produce work that pleases the student and assists those who are active in the forum.