Classics Collection of Civil Procedure in the Public Domain

The Classics Collection of Civil Procedure in the Public Domain organized by professors Antônio Pereira Gaio Júnior, Bruno Augusto Sampaio Fuga and William Santos Ferreira aims to select and make available to students and scholars of Civil Procedural Law works considered classic in this area of ​​Law and, as a rule, difficult to access for the general public. Within this context, it seems essential to bring to light what comes to be called a classic, and also how to attribute this adjective to a work, especially in the field of Law. In late Latin (Classicus) it was an adjective that designated what was excellent in its class or belonged to an excellent class.1 A classic, in the sense used in the collection, can be a model work, with excellence in its object of research. It is he, the classic, the basis for anyone dedicated to the object of a particular research or reflection in question. It will certainly be a content that, variably, has withstood time and remains unscathed as a source of research. The act of proposing a work considered to be classic is, above all, to preserve what was built on it. In this, it is necessary to “select what is read, devote effort to works that were well thought out”,2 and thus, the selection of classics makes a lot of sense. In fact, the classic embraces a force capable of generating “a cloud of critical discourses about itself”.3 In law in particular, the classic has, in fact, the feature of always being rereading and being a source of responsible research.

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