Information and Education for an Access to Justice

Professor PhD Antônio Pereira Gaio Júnior

Information and Education for an Access to Justice

“It is proper of educated man to seek precision in each kind of thing, only in so far as to admit the nature of the subject”

It is notorious that the Judiciary Power in the exercise of jurisdictional monopoly, develops its power, function and activity through the instrument "process" and that, endowed with a legal character, political, social and, above all, ideological, today faces a scientific crisis in the face of a punctual question represented by what we call " humanism of the righteous.”

It happens that, when referring to the term "justice" in an ordinary sense, we seek to rapidly adapt it as a synonym for Judiciary Power, which, undoubtedly, not only is.

The spread of knowledge which contaminates the ordinary citizen, when planted and grown in the orbits of legal information, generates the pseudo knowledge of what "is" serving as an instrument for those who are responsible for the conduct of interests in society, sacrificing the rights of disadvantaged citizens in front of his truthful disinformation, as is present mainly in labour relations, consumerism, among others.

Access to information is needed.

Access to education is transformation.

Information and legal education to ordinary people is the point of departure and at the same time of arrival for access to a fair legal system in social imbalance and legal misinformation’s country.