Parliamentary Commissions of Inquiry and the Due Process of Law

Professor PhD Antônio Pereira Gaio Júnior

*Published in Tribuna de Minas

Parliamentary Commissions of Inquiry and the Due Process of Law

As a pillar of a universe of principled rules of constitutional status (the contradictory principles, legal defence, legal evidence, equality of "weapons"-opportunities), the Due Process of Law , as well as access to justice and even the instrumental procedure whether judicially or extra are scopes that give fundamental guidance, the contour and strength in various contemporary legal systems, in spite of any orders, whether social, economic and / or political to which they are submitted.
In the light of solid understanding about this new and democratic mainstay principles mainstay principles that shall come to observe the work of the Parliamentary Commissions of Inquiry constantly required (though politically capitalized!) in the face of facts are repeatedly sweeping the country, at least the last two years.

Parodying the Aristotelian wisdom always talking about the present day, if you have difficulties to define the scope of the rule of law, it is necessary first to admit it as true, even in construction, because, otherwise, men are not worthy to judge themselves ... and then we are left return to the divine judgment?!

The Due Process of Law, rather than essential legal and democratic practice, representation of the exercise is worthwhile and the soul of man.